Midwives and Doulas, The Support All Mothers Need!

3 Sep
The Valuable Midwife or Doula!

The Valuable Midwife or Doula!

There is no greater time of stress and fear than when it comes to childbirth. Sure, having a new baby can be and is an exciting time but it is also a time of great concern for the health of the mother and the baby. Without the right knowledge and support, I know I wouldn’t have felt so empowered during my labor. Aside from having a very supportive partner, I was blessed to have midwives who took extra care and gave me a lot of support during my labor. After my personal experience, there are many reasons I suggest hiringĀ  a Doula and Midwife.

The Benefits of Having a Midwife:

  • Lengthy appointments with your midwife so they really get to know you and your family
  • Gain a lot of knowledge regarding your options for birth plans
  • Empowered to create a birthing plan
  • Ample time to ask questions or discuss concerns
  • Encouraged to have your child naturally and as nature intended, without devices hook to you or numerous hospital staff coming in and out

The Benefits of Having a Doula:

  • Affordable- the hours of attention you receive before and after the baby comes is at a very affordable price of under $1000
  • Convenience – Doulas come to your home for visits
  • Constant presence throughout your pregnancy and from the beginning of your labor until 1-2 hours after birth
  • Break the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle through constant education and support
  • More positive birth experience for mother and father

After listing the benefits of both Midwives and Doulas, I remember how great it really was to have received the perfect support after hiring Midwives. I hope all moms and dads to-be get the chance to have such a positive birthing experience by hiring both a Midwife and Doula.

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