30 May

This past weekend, I attended a very inspiring conference, SUPERHERO YOU! I had the opportunity to learn from incredible speakers who are definitely game-changers in the world of limitless possibilities. As an added bonus, the attendees were very knowledgable people in all things health and wellness. Feeling ready to live as SuperHero ME!

Jim Kwik, the man behind this amazing conference. Thanks to Jim, I can now read twice as fast :)

Dr. Jeff Spencer is the amazing champion-maker when it comes to athletes, Lance Armstrong to name just one.

Peter Diamandis is a powerful leader. He is passionate about changing the world’s greatest challenges. Talk about inspiring!

Sekou Andrews, genius spoken word Poet. Reveling the power of words!

Glenn Morshower, reminding us to add more fun into life. A funny man indeed :)

Sir Ken Robinson, if you don’t know, now you know! 

Want to change your life? Start with your brain. Dr. Amen is the man with the master plan :)

Tana Amen, the woman behind the man…or beside the man :) This health rockstar is the wife to Dr. Amen and the driving force behind all things brain-healthy.

Kevin Pearce is the rockstar snowboarder who can dance :)

Want more FLOW? You have to know…Steven Kotler.

Gina Rudan is my kind of woman! She tells you like it is and doesn’t apologize. I love her confidence:) Gina applauded me, the under 30, for being a “fat brain.” That’s a great thing ;)

Talk about memory, Marilu Henner has an amazing memory where she can remember every detail about her entire life! I’m over-whelmed just thinking about it.

No last name necessary for Wyland, the man behind the blue whale murals.

Scott Flansburg, the human calculator. Genius! This man makes math fun :) . I walked away ready to sign my daughter up to mathletics. :)

To sum it all up, SUPERHERO YOU left me walking away more inspired to live my life to the fullest and reach for the stars. We have the potential to be and achieve anything so we must shoot for the moon! What is your dream?

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