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6 Apr
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12 Mar


Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar

women's day 1Happy International Women’s Day!
“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” 

The Morning After Valentines Day

15 Feb


How often do we choose to date ourselves? I mean really choose to make time to enjoy being alone? Too often we look to others to make us feel good, feel loved, and just feel like we are enough. This pattern of searching outside ourselves for fulfillment is why so many feel alone on the one day of the year we are reminded of the state of our relationships, Valentines day.
The truth is, you will only ever feel as loved as you feel towards yourself. No matter who you are with and what compliments you receive, unless you believe them for yourself, you will always feel doubt and insecure.
Even though I have created my own family, I still believe it’s important to take time to be with myself to truly reflect on my self worth. Being alone, is a true test to my self esteem. Feeling completely content and fulfilled while being alone, is the ultimate feedback that I am enough. The morning after Valentines feels oh so good 😊



Speak Your Truth

28 Jan



Martin Luther King Jr.

20 Jan


Having Children Kills Your Career and Your Health

15 Jan

Click on the picture to play the video

Women shouldn’t have to choose between having a thriving career, or having children but that is exactly the choice women must make. This must watch documentary explains the deplorable conditions mothers deal with today and how having children will kill your career and even your health. 

Food Will Kill You

13 Aug



Antidepressants, Anti-anxiety, Anti-Feelings!

22 Jul

We are a nation heavily prescribed medication on a daily basis. It’s beyond crazy that in business, investors go through intense due diligence before investing $$ in a company but people easily give up the power of their own health to anyone in a lab coat without thorough testing and investigation. Wake up people! If you are on any type of antidepressant, anti-anxiety, or anti- feeling-anything pill, YOU ARE NOT OK!
Being in the health industry for 8+ years, I have seen a scary trend of people of all ages being prescribed antidepressants like they are candy. “Your brother died?… you are depressed so take these pills.” No, you are fucking human with real emotions and the devastation from losing a loved one is completely normal, to feel broken and at a loss means you are alive with a heart. “Why don’t we talk about it?” You experienced trauma in your childhood?… here take these happy pills to cope. NO! Worst. Idea. Ever. I’ve seen the outcome of people cut off from their emotions and cut off from themselves…it’s horrible. Seek professional help and TALK about your very real pain in order to move through the sadness. “It rains every year at the same time?…here, take these SAD pills to live a ‘normal’ life.” How about move! Or change the way you view the weather. Or do anything else before signing up to alter your brain for the rest of your life. And for God’s sake, do your research before you even think about signing your child up for a life of medication for breakfast.
large_ritalinAs parents, it is our job to question everything we are told to do regarding our own children. We need to be ruthless when it comes to medications being prescribe to our children. We need to be even more thorough with our due diligence when it comes to accepting a diagnosis and make sure there is thorough testing done to determine if in fact, the high-energy behavior is a mental disorder and not just a little thing called childhood. Is your child unable to focus and sit still for 8 hours a day in a boring classroom? Maybe, they are bored. Maybe, your child is not being taught in the right language. Maybe, the high-sugar breakfast you just served your child before sending them to school is to blame. Does your child eat processed, chemically enhanced foods? Have you tried changing your child’s nutrition to whole, unprocessed, low-sugar foods before filling that prescription? I highly doubt it and that’s the sad outcome of lazy, unengaged parenting. Parents don’t want to do the work it takes to make positive change and that’s horrible. People say our children will be a different species than us, is that because of all the advancement of technology, or the dumbing down of our kids through medication? You be the judge. you try to simplify your brain by taking medication to alter your thought process, make the brave choice to investigate why you feel the way you do. You are supposed to feel. You are human. In order to heal, you must feel. Any medication that inhibits your brain from actually feeling emotions is only a band-aid effect that will NOT move you towards healing.
IMG_2957This. Is. NOT. Normal. If I gave my power over to the medical system, given all my messed up experiences in life, I would be the most drugged up of all the people I know…but I am not. I choose healthy nutrition and holistic health care over medication every time. And no, I wasn’t born with some super-human power, or extra strong gene. I make the hard decisions every time because I know the outcome will be worth all the EFFORT I put in.
If this post made you mad, good, at least you are feeling something. Get mad, it means you’re alive and what the world needs is people who have come alive.

(I am so passionate about this subject because I have lost loved ones to the fucked up system of denying real human emotions and misdiagnosing people into believing they are mentally ill)


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