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Family Time For The Holidays

21 Dec

202732420697544463_bD2wBGwP_cI’m logging off for some much-needed family time. Happy holidays to all and see you again in the New Year!

Giving Back For Christmas

19 Dec

holiday-givingI am so over the tradition of buying random “stuff” for the ones we love. I am tripping over enough toys as is. How much do we really need? I am so not into keeping up with the latest gadget, I’ve caught onto the whole what’s new will be old in 5 minutes so why bother. I am never going to be caught standing in line for the latest Apple products, I have a life! That being said, I am changing the meaning of Christmas to be a time for giving back.
Starting this year, my family has decided we are only filling stockings with little, thoughtful trinkets for one another and not buying anymore large gifts. We will each get a Christmas fund (doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money) to distribute to anyone, or any charity we feel is deserving. Aside from mom and dad, my family consists of a 7-year-old and 2-year old so the choices as to who to give to will be interesting.
We can individually choose to give to the local food bank, adopt a family, give gifts (blankets, socks, gloves) to homeless people, bake for the homeless, or simply buy someone a coffee. No small act of kindness goes unnoticed. Plus, both parties involved will get the gift of love this Christmas. So why not join us in paying it forward and being the change we wish to see in the world.
Happy Holidays!

Handmade Necklaces For Christmas

11 Dec



My beautiful friend from my hometown, Victoria, BC, sent me these truly special necklaces. These necklaces, from Petunia Path, are exactly the kinds of gifts we should be giving to our loved ones for Christmas. We should buy from local businesses, they provide quality products. Handmade is so much better than store-bought because you feel the effort and thought that was put into making the gift. You receive a one of a kind gift ,which makes it that much more special ♥

Thanksgiving Better Than Christmas

28 Nov

There are numerous reasons why I am making it my goal to create the spirit of Christmas like that of Thanksgiving. Time to change the season of buying too much and make it more about gratitude and love. Thanksgiving reigns supreme over Christmas for all the reasons listed.

  1. No pressure to give gifts: I don’t hate gifts, but I despise all the stress that goes into picking gifts, buying them, and giving them to a loved one in hopes they’ll actually appreciate it. That’s all gone from Thanksgiving.
  2. The meal matters more: the focus is the food, which is wonderful. Nothing better than giving the love of food to your most cherished people.
  3. Easy to add extra people: What if someone extra shows up at Christmas? It’s a big scramble to grab a standby present (if you are even that organized) from the closet. At Thanksgiving, there’s always more than enough food to share.
  4. Rest: Need I say more?
  5. Way Less commercialized: People go crazy to buy the latest/ greatest gift for their family and friends. People will even go into debt over being able to “afford” the gifts. None of that nonsense during Thanksgiving.
  6. Freedom to easily change tradition: You can easily change the traditions of Thanksgiving without a fight. If you have kids, telling them no presents at Christmas is going to bring a river of tears. Heck, forget just kids, telling anyone there are no gifts for Christmas brings resentment.
  7. Starts the anticipation: Christmas is one of the last breaks before the long road of winter. Thanksgiving is just the beginning. The party’s just getting started. It’s like Friday night, instead of the Sunday night.
  8. Added bonus of Black Friday: While we’re talking weekends, Thanksgiving has the added benefit of wonderful sales the next day. Instead of shopping, I use it as an excuse to hang out with friends and family. The day after Christmas is just the end of  the overplayed Christmas music.
  9. Promotes gratitude: Instead of asking people what they want or got for Christmas, you get to ask what people are thankful for. And that, by itself, is a reason to be thankful. My favorite reason why I love Thanksgiving.

For all these valid reasons listed, I am making it my mission to create a Christmas spirit like that of Thanksgiving. I hope you’ll try to do the same :) If you must give this Christmas season, give to those who are in need…the local food bank.


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