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It’s All Perception People

21 Jul

It's All Perception People

Bikinis Reduce Women to Merely Objects

17 Jun


Check out the video by clicking on this link: http://www.qideas.org/video/the-evolution-of-the-swimsuit.aspx



Confident Women

16 Feb



Improving Self-Esteem Tips

13 Feb


The Power of Vulnerability

17 Dec

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I love this and suggest everyone watch this now! Brene Brown is an amazing woman and speaker who tells it like it is :)


YOU Can Change The World

15 Dec


Fantasha’s Family Fitness Empowers Women

28 Nov

Fantasha's Family Fitness Empowers Women!

Being a Personal Trainer can be very competitive between other trainers. One would think that people in the same industry could support each other because there are a lot of people to help teach healthy lifestyle changes to but that would  be if only we lived in a fair world. When it comes to competition, all is fair in love and war.

Just the other day, as I was training my new female client, I was confronted by a male Personal Trainer who came up to me to tell me that only him and his male co-workers were allowed to train in the condo building gym. I thought what the f**k! Because I actively work on empowering myself and other women, I was not even dazed. I told him, politely, where the hell he can go. I informed him that the crap he was saying was illegal and that I am not falling for that BS; the look on his face when he realized I was not a push-over was priceless!

Our world may be a male-dominated world but that doesn’t mean us women need to let them push us around. Times are a changing and women are gaining a stronger voice. If one person can change the way the world is run, time for a woman to do just that. I will lead by example and stand up for my rights as a woman and Personal Trainer to show my female clients that they are entitled to be treated fairly and seriously. Empowering women is the most fulfilling part of Personal Training and I love it!


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