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It’s All Perception People

21 Jul

It's All Perception People

Bikinis Reduce Women to Merely Objects

17 Jun


Check out the video by clicking on this link: http://www.qideas.org/video/the-evolution-of-the-swimsuit.aspx



Confident Women

16 Feb



Improving Self-Esteem Tips

13 Feb


The Power of Vulnerability

17 Dec

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I love this and suggest everyone watch this now! Brene Brown is an amazing woman and speaker who tells it like it is :)


YOU Can Change The World

15 Dec


Fantasha’s Family Fitness Empowers Women

28 Nov

Fantasha's Family Fitness Empowers Women!

Being a Personal Trainer can be very competitive between other trainers. One would think that people in the same industry could support each other because there are a lot of people to help teach healthy lifestyle changes to but that would  be if only we lived in a fair world. When it comes to competition, all is fair in love and war.

Just the other day, as I was training my new female client, I was confronted by a male Personal Trainer who came up to me to tell me that only him and his male co-workers were allowed to train in the condo building gym. I thought what the f**k! Because I actively work on empowering myself and other women, I was not even dazed. I told him, politely, where the hell he can go. I informed him that the crap he was saying was illegal and that I am not falling for that BS; the look on his face when he realized I was not a push-over was priceless!

Our world may be a male-dominated world but that doesn’t mean us women need to let them push us around. Times are a changing and women are gaining a stronger voice. If one person can change the way the world is run, time for a woman to do just that. I will lead by example and stand up for my rights as a woman and Personal Trainer to show my female clients that they are entitled to be treated fairly and seriously. Empowering women is the most fulfilling part of Personal Training and I love it!

Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man – Book review

8 Mar
Men need to earn women's love.

Men need to earn women's love.

Finally ladies, some real information on the male species beyond “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Since when did it become our fault for men failing to man up in a relationship? How about we find real men who offer what we want and fulfill our standards. Here are the gold nuggets of the book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

  1. What drives men- men are driven by who they are, what they do and how much they make. Until he’s reached his goal in these areas, he will be too busy to focus on you.
  2. Men love women differently than women love them. They profess their love for you to people that matter to them by giving you a title. Men provide for their woman. Finally, men protect their woman.
  3. Three things every guy needs- Support, loyalty and sex.
  4. Men run from the words, “We need to talk.” If you want to talk, start talking, don’t announce it like a big thing is about to go down.
  5. Men’s first agenda is he wants to sleep with you. Women have all the power, we decide when and if that happens.
  6. Mama’s boys are that way because women do not hold them up to their standards or requirements. A real man is eager to live by his woman’s rules.
  7. Why men cheat- because they can. Women need to make it clear that cheating is an absolute deal breaker.
  8. Men respect standards- get some ladies!
  9. Five questions women should ask before getting in too deep

1. What are your short-term goals?

2. What are your long-term goals?

3. What are your views on relationships?

4. What do you think about me?

5. What do you feel about me?

10.  Put potential men on a 90 day probation, no sex, and find out if they are worthy of having sex with you. Again, women have all the power! If jobs can do this, surely we can too.

I highly recommend women read this book. There are more nuggets to take in from this book to create the life we want with a quality partner. We  need to empower ourselves by getting a reality-check and realizing there are many, quality men out there who will meet our expectationsmake him earn your attention!


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