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Healthy Body Image

1 May

Healthy Body Image

2 Kids and Going Strong!

25 Feb





Bikram Yoga for Seasonal Depression

19 Feb

If you find yourself getting down and feeling blue from the dreary days of Winter, I find the best remedy to fight seasonal depression is exercise. To vividly imagine Summer days, I love dropping into Bikram yoga a couple of times a week. I find the heat really helps fight off the chills and seeing everyone dressed for the beach makes the images of Summer that much easier to recall :)

Basis Bands Kick Ass!

6 Feb

Aside from being super stylish and customizable with various band choices, Basis bands are far more superior to their competitors in the health tracking space. Read here for more….

As a mother to 2 young children, I love the sleep habit from the Basis app. I love to know how long I actually slept for. Sleep is crucial for my ability to be patient and energetic for my kids so any feedback as to how I can improve my sleep is definitely appreciated.
Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 8.37.50 AMBasis gives me a complete breakdown on the quality of my sleep…so frickin cool! Thanks Basis!


Fit Moms are Happy Moms

4 Feb

Fit Moms are Happy Moms

Why An Entrepreneur MUST Be Fit

24 Jan


“Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death. …” powerful words said by the innovative genius, Elon Musk. The mental, physical, and even spiritual battle that takes place daily as an entrepreneur is precisely why one must make health and fitness a top priority.
The mental demand of taking the path less traveled and starting your own business is grueling . Rising up to the  challenge of creating a company and figuring it out along the way is beyond tough, the reason so many take the “safe” path and work for someone else. Because of the extremely difficult task it is to build something that has never been done before, while the naysayers try to discourage you, it’s crucial to invest in your health. Fitness improves mental health dramatically. The confidence you get from building a strong body positively affects every area of your life. Not to mention the serotonin boost you receive, making every day seem a little easier to tackle. Just like a warrior who trains for battle, you must train for yours.

I would argue, health influences wealth. When potential investors watch you walk into a room, they need only a few seconds to pass judgement. If you walk in strong, healthy and confident, they take you more seriously from the start. On the flip side, if you walk in overweight with dark circles under your eyes, how do you think you come across? It would be safe to assume, subconsciously, investors may see you as someone who is not in control of their life and can’t handle  the situation. This may result in another “No” from the VCs. You need to show up as the best version of yourself to sell people on your dream.

Make the investment in your health by scheduling a workout 1st thing in the morning. Put this workout in your calendar. You must make yourself the top priority, as you are the one on the front line battling your way to the top. Choose Yoga, weight-training, and cardio. Don’t choose one, choose them all…just on alternate days. All 3 exercise options will help build a mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest tests of spiritually. It is essentially one acting on nothing but faith and belief in their dream. For this reason, entrepreneurs are at risk for illness and even death. I have heard too many times about the entrepreneurs that committed suicide due to the incomprehensible stress that comes with the battle of business. Sadly, only the strong survive.

Knowing all the very real challenges that come with building a business, you must, must, must invest in your health by staying fit. Fitness provides you with the training you need to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually tough enough to take on the world!

Moving From San Francisco To Vancouver, Canada…

22 May

I am moving HOME from San Francisco, California to Vancouver, Canada. I will explain why I’m moving through the use of visual aids… pictures say a thousand words.

I give you San Francisco…

Take notice of the horrified look on this child’s face ^

The common sight on any given sunny day ^ This happened to be the day of the “fitness” event Bay to Breakers.

Beverage of choice during the “race” ^ (alcohol for those who can not tell)
These photos are from the annual running race known as Bay to Breakers…happened just last week through my neighborhood. Keep in mind, I have 2 small kids :0

Now Vancouver…

Just as popular annual race known as the Sun Run.
Beverage of choice ^ (water!)
eee3cc97-bba7-403d-ba9b-a0e8bb4e47b7_500Happy, smiling, non-traumatized child.
The End.

Happy Birthday Isaac, R.I.P.

29 Jan
The last birthday for Isaac. He lived to be only 22

The last birthday for Isaac. He lived to be only 22

Today would have been my brother Isaac’s 27th birthday…27! So young to not be on this planet anymore. Although it is coming up on the 5th anniversary of Isaac’s death, I miss him just as much, if not more.
One of the best parts of having Isaac as my younger brother was having his respect as his older sister, even when he would tower over me with his height. He was so respectful towards me and truly listened to my thoughts and feelings. It’s so hard to find people who really take time to hear me out…without staring at their phone while saying they’re “listening.”
Isaac and I bonded over all things health and wellness. We both took kickboxing, although he achieved higher levels than I, so we had a lot in common with the art of fighting. We also worked out a lot together. I was always proud as I watched my baby brother lift more weight than many guys in the gym. I loved seeing the other men around watching my bro with envy…a proud moment for a sister who is all about fitness.
A funny story I will always cherish is the last Sun Run we did together. Isaac had way longer legs than I so with each of his long strides, I would have to do 4/5 steps to keep up. As we were going along the 10km course, Isaac thought the 8km mark was the finish line so he proceeded to sprint…I was confused as to what he was doing so I let him go. I couldn’t have caught up with him if I tried. This guy used to run from place to place through the city instead of doing what us “lazy” people do, drive. I caught up to my brother as he was panting and trying to catch his breath. I asked Isaac what he was doing as we still had 2km to go and there was a hill to climb before the finish line. Obviously, he was shocked and he couldn’t go quite yet. I took full advantage of this opportunity and told him I would meet him at the finish line ;) What are sisters for. I beat his time! Thank goodness he fumbled 2 km back so I could soak up all the glory of beating my  brother in the Sun Run :) I took him for breakfast after so he felt a little better about losing to a girl ;)
Thank you Isaac for all the loving and fond memories I will cherish of us. Here’s to many more celebrations of your life and all the lessons I have learnt from our special relationship.
Happy Birthday!


FREE Mama Park Workout

27 Jan


I’ve been a certified Personal Trainer for 8 years now and just because I’ve become a certified Yoga Instructor, doesn’t mean I’ve lost my passion for muscle-building. Being a mother to 2 beautiful little girls, I love building sexy muscles via resistance training to stay healthy and fit. Here is your free mama park workout to do while your kids play.
814d4e6efd0128e47919e1668bd6e0feBegin with a warm up. You can bring a skipping rope (great cardio!) or do some jumping jacks. You may also like to do a brisk walk around the playground. Your goal is to warm up your body and get prepared to do some fun exercises ;)

How to skip

With hands at your sides, three inches from your hips, hold the handles lightly and turn them with your wrists in small circles

Keep elbows slightly bent

Tilt head slightly down, but not so you’re staring at your feet

Keep your upper body straight and erect

Land on the balls of your feet with the heels barely touching
FitnessOnTheFly001Squat and Press

Target Muscles: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, anterior and lateral deltoids

Set Up: Stand in the center of the band with your feet hip-width apart, holding the band handles at shoulder height, palms forward.

Action: Squat down until your thighs come parallel to the floor [A], press through your heels to stand back up. As you reach full extension, drive the band handles up toward the ceiling [B]. Reverse the move, and return to the starting position.
Tip: Because you’re stretching the band really far when extending your arms overhead, use a lighter band for this move to protect your shoulders.

FitnessOnTheFly004Lunge with Curl

Target Muscles: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, biceps brachii

Set Up: Step on the center of the band with your left foot. Hold the handles at your sides, arms in close to your body, palms forward. Step back with your right foot [A].

Action: Keeping your upper arms tight to your sides, curl the handles toward your shoulders [B]. Next, bend your legs to lower into a lunge [C]. Return to your standing position, lower your arms for one rep. Complete all reps before switching to your other side.
SecretGreatGlutesLegs007Resistance-Band Abductor Pull

Set Up: Attach a resistance band securely around a pole. Attach the looped end of the resistance band around the foot furthest away from the pole, and step away from the pole enough so that you can feel the tension in the resistance band. You may need to split your stance for more stability.

Action: Flex your toes of the leg attached to the resistance band toward your shin. Next, keeping your leg extended, slowly move your foot away from the opposite foot. Feel the tension in your outer thigh, slowly return to the start position. Repeat. After completing 12-15 reps, switch sides and repeat the sequence.
SecretGreatGlutesLegs002_1 Resistance-Band Adductor Pull

Set Up: Attach a resistance band securely by looping around a pole. Attach the looped end of the resistance band around the foot closest to the pole, and then step away from the pole enough so that you can feel the tension in the resistance band. You may need to split your stance a bit to feel stable.

Action: Flex your toes of the leg attached to the resistance band toward your shin. Next, keeping your leg extended, slowly move your foot across the opposite foot. Feel the tension in your inner thigh, then slowly return to the start position.  Repeat. After completing 12-15 reps, switch sides and repeat the sequence.

Tip: To protect your lumbar spine, maintain a vertical posture throughout the range of exercise. Do not rotate your torso when you begin to fatigue. When you can no longer use proper form, stop the set.

 Stabilize yourself by contracting your core, and keep your body vertical throughout each set. Also, flex your toes toward your shin.

Bruce Lee Kick

Target Muscles: Glutes

Action: Stand to the left of a railing or study object, your feet hip-width apart and both hands placed lightly on the sturdy object. Shift your weight onto your right leg, bend at the waist, and pull your left knee up toward your chest [A]. Quickly extend your left leg, pushing through your heel and contracting your left glute [B]. Reverse the movement to return to start, lowering your left leg back to the floor. That’s one rep. Do 12-15, then repeat on the other side
Calf-Raises-For-Legs-mdnCalf Raises

Target muscles: Calves

Action: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold on to a bench, or railing for support, if necessary. Lift onto balls of feet, then lower. Repeat 8–10 times.

FitnessOnTheFly003Chest Press and Flye

Target Muscles: pectorals, anterior deltoids

Set Up: Anchor the band in a door. Hold the handles at shoulder height and take a large step away from the anchor with one foot. Extend your arms parallel to the ground, palms facing downward [A].

Action: Bend your elbows to bring your hands back toward your shoulders [B]. Smoothly reverse the move, pressing the handles to an extended position. Turn your palms inward, bend your elbows slightly, and open your arms wide until your elbows come in line with your torso[C]. Bring the handles back to the starting position. Continue, alternating presses and flyes.
Deadlift with Row

Target Muscles: hamstrings, gluteus maximus, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, rear deltoids

Set Up: Knot a loop in the band and stand on it with both feet. Hold the handles at your sides with your palms facing inward.

Action: Keeping your legs straight, fold forward from the hips until your torso makes a 45-degree angle [A]. Pull both handles toward your rib cage, squeezing your shoulder blades together while keeping your elbows in close to your sides [B]. Pause, then lower your hands and use your hamstrings and glutes to raise your body back to the starting position.


Target muscles: arms, back, core

Action: Stand facing anchor point, holding 1 handle in each hand with arms extended. Lean back until straps are taut [A]. Pull chest forward, bending elbows and squeezing shoulder blades, bringing hands alongside chest until almost standing straight [B]. Return to start and repeat.


Forward Lunge and Fly with Resistance Band

Target muscles: Pectorals and core

Action: Loop the resistance band around a sturdy object at chest height. With your back to the object, grab a handle in each hand and step forward until there’s no slack in the band. Stand with your feet together and knees slightly bent, then raise your arms to shoulder height, palms facing away from you, so that your body forms a T [A]. In one motion, step forward with your left leg, bend your left knee, and press the handles towards each other in front of your chest, keeping your arms straight [B]. Return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat on the other leg and continue alternating until you’ve completed 12-15 reps on each side.

Target muscles: Back and Shoulders

Action: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Grasp band with both arms extended in front of you at shoulder height, elbows slightly bent. Pull hands away from each other, stretching band, focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades together until both arms are horizontal to your body (band may be against chest). Release and repeat 8–10 times.

ss_101388783Band Biceps Curl

 Target muscles: Biceps

 Action: Stand with right foot in middle of band, holding one end of band (forget the dumbbell) wrap ends of band around palms. Keeping elbows by sides, turn palms forward and curl both hands up to shoulders. Do 10-12 reps. Next, curl one hand up at a time, alternating sides. Do 10-12 curls on each side. Repeat.

Tricep Dips: This is one of my favorite exercises. I do this when I’m watching my girls at the park.
Action: Sit on a bench of chair, placing hands next to your hips. Lift up on your hands, bring your hips forward and lower your hips down until your elbows get no lower than 90 degrees. Push back up without locking your elbows. Try to do 10-20 reps. Make sure not to shrug your shoulders, keeping them down and away from your ears as you bend your elbows. To make this move more intense, walk your feet farther out or prop them up on a bench.
FitnessOnTheFly002Balancing Triceps Extension

Target Muscles: triceps brachii, transverse abdominis

Set Up: Stand on one end of the band with your right foot and hold the other end in your right hand. Lift your right elbow so it points toward the ceiling, and drop your hand behind your head. Place your left hand on your waist and lift your left knee to hip height in front of you.

Action: Straighten your right arm toward the ceiling, keeping your upper arm close to your ear and your core tight. Pause at full extension, then slowly lower to the starting position. Complete all reps on one side, then switch to the other.
FitnessOnTheFly006-1Torso Rotation

Target Muscles: obliques, transverse abdominis, rear and lateral deltoids, pectorals, trapezius, rhomboids

Set Up: Anchor the band at shoulder height and stand sideways to the anchor, feet shoulder-width apart for stability. Grasp both handles with straight arms at chest height, and rotate your torso and shoulders toward the anchor [A].

Action: Move your arms, shoulders and torso as one unit and twist away from the anchor, stretching the band as you pull it across your body to face the opposite way [B]. Slowly uncoil and return to the starting position. Complete all reps on one side then switch to the other.

Target muscles: Back, arms, abs, obliques, and hips

 Action: Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, holding one end of band in each hand, arms by sides. Lift arms overhead, pulling band tight, and point right toes out to side. Keeping left arm still, engage obliques, pull right elbow down to side, and lift right knee to meet it. Extend right arm and leg without touching toes to floor. Do 10-12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Crunches-For-Abs-mdnCrunches (For Abs)

Action: Lie with knees bent, feet flat. Place hands behind head, or cross arms across chest. Lift torso up a few inches (keep a space between chin and chest), then lower. Repeat 8–10 times.

Plank: This is one of the most effective abs exercise that you can do, and it’s not just great for strengthening your abdominal muscles, it also works on all your core muscles, such as your hips and back.

Action: Start by lying face down on the exercise mat/ grass. Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest and prop yourself up into a bridge using your forearms and toes, engaging your core. Keep your back flat and don’t let your hips sag towards the floor. Hold while focusing on tightening your abs. Beginners can start at 10 seconds and then work your way up to a full minute. Return to starting position and rest.

*Focus on form, slow and controlled.
*Breathe! Exhale the tension out on the working phase, the hard part. NEVER hold your breath.
*Drink water!
*Stretch afterwards

Save money on a gym membership and invest in resistance bands. You can workout at the park while your kids play :) Fit mama = happy, healthy mama :)

Mom Fitness While Kids Play

26 Jan
Obviously, it was a very sunny day.

Obviously, it was a very sunny day.

Being a mother to 2 children, I’ve had to be creative with creating time for fitness. I have come up with the perfect solution for creating time for exercise, workout at the park while your kids play!

Fabulous park in Hayes Valley that already has some equipment :)

Fabulous park in Hayes Valley that already has some equipment :)

If you are a beginner, there are some parks in your neighborhood that offer some fitness equipment, use it! If you are looking for a more specific workout, you only need  limited equipment made up of fitness bands.

My favorite workout equipment as it is very portable.

My favorite workout equipment as it is very portable.

This is my personal park fitness gear,  fitness bands. Make sure to get the ones with good material so it doesn’t rub and fray too easily. I like to bring some balance equipment as well to change-up the intensity. Don’t forget water! For an added perk, I like to use my Basis Band to keep track of heart rate, calories, and other fascinating biometrics.

The kids play as mama gets fit and strong :)

The kids play as mama gets fit and strong :)

The kids will happily play as you workout. Use the time at the park for your own play ;) no more wasting your time on your cell phone. The park workout is the perfect solution for mothers who are too busy with kids to get to a gym :) I have been doing my park workout since my 1st daughter was a toddler. Plus, what kids observe their parents doing, they will naturally follow in your footsteps. Lead by example.

Stay tuned for an example park workout in my next blog post.


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