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Basis Habits Game

27 Dec

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I love Basis habits game! I really enjoy picking my goals/ habits based on areas I choose to improve, not some general goal of reaching 10, 000 steps a day. As a fitness professional and mother of 2, my goals vary week-to-week.

Goals I’ve chosen:

  • Wear it– habit to wear the Basis Band more each day.
  • Get more sleep– as a mother of 2, this is a goal based on group effort ;)
  • Move it– I knew I would accomplish this goal merely chasing after my 2 kids.
  • Don’t be a sitter– I loved seeing how long I sit for at one time…not very long with all the demands of motherhood ;)
  • Morning lap– this is the habit that keeps me motivated to create time in the morning for my mommy hour of intense workouts, either weight-training, running, or Yoga.

I really like how Basis habits are fun and easy to understand. When I click on the habit, I receive more specific data, like how many minutes in each zone, how many calories burned, how many steps taken, how many hours I slept and of course the crème de la crème, heart rate.

The best part of having the Basis Band on my wrist is feeling empowered to create a healthier life, like I’m truly in control of creating a healthier me. I feel more in-tune with myself overall and more connected with my mind and body. The data will also be very useful to give realtime feedback to any health professional in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates soon :)

Mind Power Crushes Willpower

19 Mar

Mind Power

When it comes to breaking bad habits, most people think success, or failure depends on one’s willpower. This is not always true, or better yet, rarely true at all. The success to breaking one’s bad habits comes down to learning the steps necessary to changing one’s behavior, starting with one’s thoughts.

Our lives are the product of our thoughts, plain and simple. If we were able to take an outsider’s view of our lives, we would most likely find common patterns to our choice making process. The way we think about ourselves and our situation in life often comes from childhood experiences and what we have been told about ourselves by others. The  way we interpret actions by others is through a filter we use based on past experiences. If we have experienced more harmful experiences throughout life, we will usually have a more negative outlook on life and vice versa. How does one change their perception to life in order to attract more positive situations? One proven method is Hypnotherapy.

I have had tremendous success using Hypnotherapy to change my outlook on life. Having gone through countless hardships and traumatic situations, I was conscious of how my outlook on life was dramatically changing from a positive mindset to a skeptical one. I have witnessed many people who have gone through hardships end up in such  negative places in their lives and that is not how I wanted to end up. So with reservations based on ignorance of what Hypnotherapy was, I went to a session. I am so happy I did because my life has improved beyond my wildest expectations and I attract an abundance of good in my life now. Not to mention, I have changed a lot of bad habits I had in relationships with others and myself.

If I could leave you with one helpful tip in order to help you succeed in any area of your life, explore Hypnotherapy. It will empower you to create the life you want. No longer will you have to rely on willpower, you will learn how to subconsciously do better by changing your thoughts.


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