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Giving Back For Christmas

19 Dec

holiday-givingI am so over the tradition of buying random “stuff” for the ones we love. I am tripping over enough toys as is. How much do we really need? I am so not into keeping up with the latest gadget, I’ve caught onto the whole what’s new will be old in 5 minutes so why bother. I am never going to be caught standing in line for the latest Apple products, I have a life! That being said, I am changing the meaning of Christmas to be a time for giving back.
Starting this year, my family has decided we are only filling stockings with little, thoughtful trinkets for one another and not buying anymore large gifts. We will each get a Christmas fund (doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money) to distribute to anyone, or any charity we feel is deserving. Aside from mom and dad, my family consists of a 7-year-old and 2-year old so the choices as to who to give to will be interesting.
We can individually choose to give to the local food bank, adopt a family, give gifts (blankets, socks, gloves) to homeless people, bake for the homeless, or simply buy someone a coffee. No small act of kindness goes unnoticed. Plus, both parties involved will get the gift of love this Christmas. So why not join us in paying it forward and being the change we wish to see in the world.
Happy Holidays!

Etuve Food for Fitness

6 Nov

Finally, I have found the food option to offer my family, as well as, my clients to help them achieve a healthier quality of  life. Being a Personal Trainer, I know the great importance of food in achieving one’s fitness goals.  Thanks to Etuve, I can now suggest to others, gourmet, unprocessed, local and healthy food options.

Executive Chef, Ben Cote, founded Etuve in 2002, to provide local and fresh food to all who are striving to eat better food and who are looking for gourmet, at-home fast food. Etuve specializes in the sous vide cooking method, which produces top quality products with an unbeatable taste!

Part of Etuve’s mission is to educate and empower people to create great food and great food ideas. Bring a date, your favorite wine, or come alone and meet some deliciously new people to enjoy your hard-earned dinner at the end! Space is limited, so sign-up now to reserve your spot at the table!

Giving back is a top priority for Etuve and that means hosting a monthly cooking class with Executive Chef, Ben Cote, to feed the homeless. Join Etuve every month, as they host a free, charity dinner for those in need. You can make a real difference in as little as 3-4 hours a month. This opportunity to do something good for someone in need, is great for the whole family!

Food and exercise are the two necessary ingredients to reaching your health and fitness goals. Some argue that food is more important than exercise to achieving your weight-loss goals. Etuve offers the missing link to better health while providing gourmet, local and fresh food options to you and your whole family!

Vancouver Winter Olympics

29 Sep


The Vancouver Winter Olympics are fast approaching! The world recognition will be great exposure for our beautiful city and the money generated by tourists will be great for our local economy. With our eyes ignorantly focused on the positives there are a lot of negatives being hidden, like the financial burden on local residents.

Pros to hosting the Olympics in Vancouver:

  • World exposure
  • Local economy financial benefit
  • New structures and arenas
  • City upgrades
  • Community coming together
  • Pride in our beautiful city

Cons to hosting the Olympics:

  • Huge financial burden on local tax payers…Olympic price tag $2.5 billion dollars!
  • Parking restrictions
  • Road closures
  • Security zones
  • Protests
  • Less affordable housing
  • Bigger burden on the homeless
  • Local poverty crisis being ignored and forgotten
  • Drug dealers and gangs being hidden

These lists above highlight just a few of the serious issues local residents are going to face in a matter of 136 days from now. I am excited about the games being held in my city but I am also aware of the burden it will have on me and my neighbors. I strongly believe our government politicians could have used the $2.5 billion dollars to build affordable housing for the many low-income and homeless we have living amongst us. The money could have been used to upgrade schools and build new schools as our city is over-crowded. I could keep going as to what the money could have been used for but the reality is we used the money to host the games at a time when the economy took a turn for the worst and now we are paying for it…literally.


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