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Life is 1 Great Adventure

5 Jul

tumblr_mgq9z2T7v41r21bv9o1_1280Time for another life adventure! Moving from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada in a mere 24 hours. Plane touches down on Canadian soil tomorrow and I am thrilled!

Moving From San Francisco To Vancouver, Canada…

22 May

I am moving HOME from San Francisco, California to Vancouver, Canada. I will explain why I’m moving through the use of visual aids… pictures say a thousand words.

I give you San Francisco…

Take notice of the horrified look on this child’s face ^

The common sight on any given sunny day ^ This happened to be the day of the “fitness” event Bay to Breakers.

Beverage of choice during the “race” ^ (alcohol for those who can not tell)
These photos are from the annual running race known as Bay to Breakers…happened just last week through my neighborhood. Keep in mind, I have 2 small kids :0

Now Vancouver…

Just as popular annual race known as the Sun Run.
Beverage of choice ^ (water!)
eee3cc97-bba7-403d-ba9b-a0e8bb4e47b7_500Happy, smiling, non-traumatized child.
The End.

Does Motherhood Kill Spiritual Enlightenment?

26 Apr

Where are all the female, or mother spiritual leaders? I often think about the huge void where the female/ mother voice needs to be. With the non-stop quotes people post from the Dalai Lama Thich Nhat HanhDeepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer,  Paulo Coelho, and the long list of other influential men, I find myself looking for the women. I also question the transition to motherhood and if that kills your chances at reaching spiritual enlightenment altogether?

As a woman and mother, I prefer to seek guidance from those who truly relate to my experience. Maybe it’s just me, but I notice the theme of men being the spiritual leader in all religions and spiritual practices. When I ask people for examples of female spiritual leaders they are quick to reference Oprah, Mother Teresa, and very few other women. After much thought (and some Googling), I realize the very giving and selfless women often decided against having any biological children of their own. That leaves me wondering, can I reach enlightenment while raising kids (you never stop raising kids no matter how old they become)?

As a mother to 2 young children (8 years old and 2 years old) I find it hard enough to keep my sanity on a daily basis, let alone aspire to reach a level of spiritual enlightenment. I relate motherhood to a marathon, everyday micromanaging little beings uses up my energy to the fullest. Kids have a way of siphoning all your energy, only to leave you collapsing to your bed by bedtime…8pm in my house. How do I find the energy and SILENCE to create the space to meditate in order to hear my inner voice? The visual I have is getting all prepared in my serene space with my cushy pillow to sit upon only to have my toddler jump on my back the moment I close my eyes. I think about the statistics that show when women have children they sacrifice reaching higher positions within the work force, are the statistics true for spirituality as well?

Is the reason men have reached that deeper spiritual place (or what appears as they have reached a deep spiritual place) because women are usually left dealing with the kids for more hours in a day? I’ve recently started looking into these male spiritual influencers and have found moments when the men leave their families to pursue their spiritual quest. The same can be said for successful businessmen having to travel away from their families. Does that mean, as a woman, you can’t reach that level of spiritual awakening if you have children?

I have explored different spiritual beliefs, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and now Yogic philosophy. I am currently working towards becoming a Yoga Therapist so I have been facing these spiritual questions as I learn the philosophy behind Yoga. I keep searching for the mother voice to relate to and I haven’t found it yet, or a strong enough female presence yet. I guess I am left questioning if motherhood kills my chances of reaching true spiritual enlightenment?

New Year to Live Authentically YOU!

6 Jan

Stop caring about what other people think of you and live your life for yourself!

Giving Back For Christmas

19 Dec

holiday-givingI am so over the tradition of buying random “stuff” for the ones we love. I am tripping over enough toys as is. How much do we really need? I am so not into keeping up with the latest gadget, I’ve caught onto the whole what’s new will be old in 5 minutes so why bother. I am never going to be caught standing in line for the latest Apple products, I have a life! That being said, I am changing the meaning of Christmas to be a time for giving back.
Starting this year, my family has decided we are only filling stockings with little, thoughtful trinkets for one another and not buying anymore large gifts. We will each get a Christmas fund (doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money) to distribute to anyone, or any charity we feel is deserving. Aside from mom and dad, my family consists of a 7-year-old and 2-year old so the choices as to who to give to will be interesting.
We can individually choose to give to the local food bank, adopt a family, give gifts (blankets, socks, gloves) to homeless people, bake for the homeless, or simply buy someone a coffee. No small act of kindness goes unnoticed. Plus, both parties involved will get the gift of love this Christmas. So why not join us in paying it forward and being the change we wish to see in the world.
Happy Holidays!

Basis Band!

1 Dec


So happy to own my very own Basis Band. Now I can track my lifestyle and improve areas of my life I was otherwise clueless about. As a mother of 2, and a fitness professional, I am excited to know more on my overall lifestyle habits, especially sleep. I will be blogging soon with updates on my experience using the Basis Band so stay tuned!

Bathing Suit Season is Fast Apporaching!

14 Apr


Spring and summer are the seasons to wear those skimpy little sun dresses, short-shorts and barely there bikinis, but these warm seasons are also a time of dread for those who have a few pounds to lose. As it is still April, you have enough time to change your bad habits and improve your body shape. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Get moving!
  • Hire a Personal Trainer to get you started on your fitness and health journey with the right knowledge of what to do for your body type
  • Now that the sun is out, start walking and work up to jogging.
  • Try bike riding, or bike to work and save money on gas and do an act of green for our planet
  • Walk your kids to school, or run them in the jogging stroller
  • Play with your kids in the park, bring a soccer ball, or Frisbee and get ready to run
  • Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body, this low impact activity is good for body tone and cardio and a great way to stay cool
  • Roller blading is one of my favorite ways to exercise, it is fun and a great way to see the beautiful city I live in

2.  Eat real food!

  • Stick to the outside ailes in the grocery store and you will save a lot of money and avoid empty calories
  • Choose fresh, whole, unprocessed foods as your main staples
  • Make protein an important part of your eating plan, protein is necessary for muscle repair
  • Choose healthy fats
  • Drink more water and make sure it is quality water
  • Watch your alcohol consumption, the calories add up fast!
  • Watch the coffee drinks, as those calories are full of processed sugar…the worst kind

I understand that diet and exercise is a huge challenge for people, but I also know you get the greatest reward for prioritizing your body and health. When faced with temptations remember, nothing tastes as good as being fit and healthy feels!


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