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The Perfect Human Diet

10 Feb

Must watch documentary for those who seek optimal health, not just those seeking a way to live disease free.


Basis and Biobeats Founder, Nadeem Kassam @ CES 2014

9 Jan

Check out Basis and Biobeats to learn more.


Best FREE Health Tips

22 Jan

Best FREE Health Tips

Healing Powers of a Ketogenic Diet

19 Jan


Only 2 days ago, I was severely sick. I was up all hours of the night vomiting, having night sweats and total body aches. It was so bad! I rarely ever get sick, the last time I remember being sick was a little over a year ago. I think that had more to do with my immune system being vulnerable due to being so sleep-deprived from having a baby. This time, having my toddler puke in my bed at 12 midnight may have had something to do with it…yuck! Today, I am back and feeling strong, thanks to a no sugar, low carb eating plan.

Disease feeds off of sugar and I believe, from personal experience, if you remove the sugars (including fruit sugars) you can kill the viruses. This applies to most viruses. There has been a lot of talk lately about the healing powers of a ketogenic diet in regards to fighting cancer. Thank goodness, I haven’t dealt with anything close to cancer. I also don’t want to minimize the effects of cancer. I feel true sadness for those whose lives have been affected by cancer. I am happy to say, I don’t rely on the flu shot to ward off the flu, I pay strict attention to what I put in my body, including medications.


For medications, I always go with holistic treatments first. As I become more educated on health, I have become more trusting in holistic health care before mainstream Doctors. I view holistic healthcare as preventative medicine, while western Doctors are more about disease management. Very similar reasons as to why I chose Midwives over Doctors. I appreciate the natural method above man-made anything. I don’t want to take a chance with my health and advise all to do your own research instead of taking advice from anyone…even those wearing a white coat. Yay, to feeling healthy in only 2 days!

Basis Habits Game

27 Dec

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 9.16.17 AM

I love Basis habits game! I really enjoy picking my goals/ habits based on areas I choose to improve, not some general goal of reaching 10, 000 steps a day. As a fitness professional and mother of 2, my goals vary week-to-week.

Goals I’ve chosen:

  • Wear it- habit to wear the Basis Band more each day.
  • Get more sleep- as a mother of 2, this is a goal based on group effort ;)
  • Move it- I knew I would accomplish this goal merely chasing after my 2 kids.
  • Don’t be a sitter- I loved seeing how long I sit for at one time…not very long with all the demands of motherhood ;)
  • Morning lap- this is the habit that keeps me motivated to create time in the morning for my mommy hour of intense workouts, either weight-training, running, or Yoga.

I really like how Basis habits are fun and easy to understand. When I click on the habit, I receive more specific data, like how many minutes in each zone, how many calories burned, how many steps taken, how many hours I slept and of course the crème de la crème, heart rate.

The best part of having the Basis Band on my wrist is feeling empowered to create a healthier life, like I’m truly in control of creating a healthier me. I feel more in-tune with myself overall and more connected with my mind and body. The data will also be very useful to give realtime feedback to any health professional in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates soon :)

Basis Band!

1 Dec


So happy to own my very own Basis Band. Now I can track my lifestyle and improve areas of my life I was otherwise clueless about. As a mother of 2, and a fitness professional, I am excited to know more on my overall lifestyle habits, especially sleep. I will be blogging soon with updates on my experience using the Basis Band so stay tuned!

Trick and Treat

15 Jul

Trick and Treat

Another great book to add to your health library.


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

9 Jul

Must read!


A must read for anyone interested in nutrition and health!


Fitness Mama

22 Jun

Often, us mamas have little to no time to workout outside of the home. Being a full-time mother of 2, who also works on a socially fluent business, I workout at home when I am short on time.

A great piece of equipment to have at home is the popular kettlebell. This space-saving piece of workout equipment allows you to perform multiple exercises to target various areas of your body. One of my favorite kettlebell moves is the swing.

Step 1: Hold the kettlebell with two hands. The bell should be resting in front of your hips, at arm’s length.

Step 2: Take an athletic stance. Your feet should be a few inches wider than your shoulders.

Step 3: Squat to start the kettlebell moving. Squat just low enough to start the bell swinging. Keep your head up and your eyes focused straight ahead. Keep your lower back arched, abs engaged, and push your hips back to initiate the squat.

Step 4: Thrust your hips forward to swing the kettlebell up. Your chest should stay up throughout the swing. You are not using the strength of your arms to lift the bell. Keep your arms relaxed and allow the kettlebell to swing.

Step 5: Swing the bell up so your arms are in-line with the shoulders. Allow the kettlebell to gain momentum gradually rather than forcing it with your arms.
Step 6: Squat to slow the bell. When you are finished with your set, stop the swinging of the bell by absorbing the momentum of the downswing with your legs. Do this by squatting without reversing direction into the hip thrust. Place the kettlebell on the floor.
*All the work is coming from the hip thrusts and not your arms.
Watch video demo here.

Healthy mama= happy mama! When we make time to invest in our own health, we feel so much better inside/out. Mothers are the hardest working people on the planet so it is crucial to give back to one’s self through proper nutrition and exercise. I make sure to cover my basis in all areas of health and wellness. When you give back to yourself, you have more to give to your children and family. Here’s to The Future of Health Now!

Happy Friday :)

p.s. The fabulous photographer was my 7-year-old daughter, who also gave great pose suggestions :)


30 May

This past weekend, I attended a very inspiring conference, SUPERHERO YOU! I had the opportunity to learn from incredible speakers who are definitely game-changers in the world of limitless possibilities. As an added bonus, the attendees were very knowledgable people in all things health and wellness. Feeling ready to live as SuperHero ME!

Jim Kwik, the man behind this amazing conference. Thanks to Jim, I can now read twice as fast :)

Dr. Jeff Spencer is the amazing champion-maker when it comes to athletes, Lance Armstrong to name just one.

Peter Diamandis is a powerful leader. He is passionate about changing the world’s greatest challenges. Talk about inspiring!

Sekou Andrews, genius spoken word Poet. Reveling the power of words!

Glenn Morshower, reminding us to add more fun into life. A funny man indeed :)

Sir Ken Robinson, if you don’t know, now you know! 

Want to change your life? Start with your brain. Dr. Amen is the man with the master plan :)

Tana Amen, the woman behind the man…or beside the man :) This health rockstar is the wife to Dr. Amen and the driving force behind all things brain-healthy.

Kevin Pearce is the rockstar snowboarder who can dance :)

Want more FLOW? You have to know…Steven Kotler.

Gina Rudan is my kind of woman! She tells you like it is and doesn’t apologize. I love her confidence:) Gina applauded me, the under 30, for being a “fat brain.” That’s a great thing ;)

Talk about memory, Marilu Henner has an amazing memory where she can remember every detail about her entire life! I’m over-whelmed just thinking about it.

No last name necessary for Wyland, the man behind the blue whale murals.

Scott Flansburg, the human calculator. Genius! This man makes math fun :) . I walked away ready to sign my daughter up to mathletics. :)

To sum it all up, SUPERHERO YOU left me walking away more inspired to live my life to the fullest and reach for the stars. We have the potential to be and achieve anything so we must shoot for the moon! What is your dream?


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